Mobile Leather, Vinyl, Cloth and Plastic Repair

Auto, RV, boat, plane, motorcycle, snowmobile, and furniture restoration.


     At Pike’s Leather professional repair and restoration is what we do and love!   We specialize in automotive and RV interior restoration, leather, vinyl, and cloth furniture repair, boat interiors and exterior trim, motorcycle and snowmobile trim work, commercial interior repair (dining booths, gym equipment, architectural paneling, office chairs, medical tables and dentist chairs etc.).  
      At Pike’s we strive to provide Denver Colorado and surrounding areas the most quality: leather repairs, vinyl repairs, plastic repairs, cloth repairs, carpet repair and dyeing, deodorizing, headliner repair  dash repair, seat stitching, leather crack repair, seat color change or renew.  cigarette burn repair, stain removal, metallic and plastic trim repair or renewal, shifter boot replacement or repair, center console repair and much more!

    We do not compromise our quality with cut rate technicians, hastily trained, and sent out by big name corporate companies with franchise logos, cheap products, and a corporate office to hide their quality.  We take pride in our work as a locally owned and operated business so your repair and restoration not only looks great but will last.​


3220 W. 14th Ave 

Denver, CO 80204

Accidents happen.  Luckily you can repair and hide that unsightly burn in your seat or headliner or fix the carpet on your floor boards or restitch a broken seam. 

Over time leather and vinyl can fade, crack or even tear.   Restoration and repair will leave your leather looking great without the need for  expensive replacement.

Leather & Vinyl

Furniture can be restored to its original beauty or you can change the color of your leather furniture to match any room.  Anything Leather can be redyed!

Furniture & Misc

Plastic & Metallic

Our Hours:

onsite mobile auto interior repair

Dash boards, door panels, cargo areas, and even metallic trim are easily scratched yet very expensive to replace.  Let us do the work and save on costly parts and labor!

Cloth & Carpet

Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 5 pm

Saturday: By Appointment

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